The Frequency

Known for their high energy, crowd pleasing performances. The Frequency strives to be the best and are always learning, changing it up and trying new things. With three strong vocalists at the front you are always getting something different song to song.

“We take our music seriously and play to the best of our abilities but thrive on crowd interaction. We want to party, laugh and share with each and every one of you.”
You deserve a rockin’, fun night out!

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Mad Mary

Mad Mary came together because of a passion for great rock and roll and the desire to create music that was a cut above the typical rock band. In 2008, the group was formed, and they quickly realized that every time they got together to rehearse or explore, they were creating a new rock sound, making each song more interesting, more unique, or more rockin’. While the roots of the band are heavily into classic rock, their repertoire goes way beyond that. When you put fantastic musicians together that are well-versed in a wide range of musical styles, you end up with an amazing set list. Tina Gaudreau (lead vocals), Bryanna Aube (keyboard and vocals), Todd Aube (bass), Andrew Wilcox (lead guitar) and Karver Hitchcock (drums) have inherited quite a following of fans over the years and they never fail to satisfy the diverse tastes of their audience. Mad Mary is a crowd pleaser – come check out our mad sets!

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