With an excess of 3000 performances and more than ten years of experience under her belt,
singer-songwriter, Izabelle, is a staple in the New Brunswick music scene. From her art, she has
toured Europe, Africa, The United States and across Canada.
After having studied theatre at l’Université de Moncton, she eventually founded the band
Angry Candy (AC). She has often been described as a powerhouse vocalist with a vulnerable
and captivating stage presence where she directly connects with her audience. In 2012, AC
achieved a runner up position on CityTv’s Network show ; Canada’s Got Talent, viewed by over
2 million people.
In late 2012, Henry Hirsch, a giant producer and engineer in the music industry, (Lenny Kravitz,
Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink, etc) claims to have “fallen in love” with Izabelle’s vocals
while browsing online video’s. He invites the band to his New York City studio for over a
month and a half to record their first EP. The opportunity to record, network and learn from
this experience helped the band become a top 6 best seller in the iTunes “pop” category,
notably between Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry.
After being asked to write a song for an awards show in Fredericton, N.-B., and garnering
positive reception from such, Izabelle later went on to create and release her own solo French
EP in 2015. ”Caméléon”, her first single, climbed on iTunes’ top ten for 4 weeks while hitting
1st position on “L’Association des radios communautaires du Canada” in the “Pop-Rock”
During the release, she attends “Les Francofêtes” where she is awarded a 40 date tour across
the Maritimes along with a slot in the show “30 succès, 16 voix “ at the Festival de la chanson
de Granby, Québec. This all-star lineup of Quebec artists like Michel Rivard, Isabelle Boulay,
Boom Desjardins was a televised show in front of a live crowd of 10 000 people.
2016 proved to be a busy year with her Maritime tour and preparing to perform overseas with
an acadian production : “L’Acadie un pays qui se raconte”, a tour of over 85 shows around
Back from Europe, she starts writing her second French album to be released in spring 2018.
The whirlwind continues as she is asked to participate in a show for “Les Jeux de la
Francophonie” in Abidjan, Africa. The reception received very positively as Izabelle connects
with the crowd and gains new international fans .
Upon her return to Canada, she appears on the Radio-Canada 15th of August special televised
show in Caraquet where she performs her solo material and collaborates with artists like
Medhi Cayenne, George Belliveau, Bruno Pelletier, David Myles, to name a few.
Throughout her career, Izabelle has had the opportunity to share the stage and open for some
amazing artists such as ; Serena Ryder, Deadmau5, Eric Lapointe, Roch Voisine, Zachary
Richard, Randy Bachman, Platinum Blonde, Colin James, to name a few.
With another tour announcing itself in 2018, the release of her second french album, and the
creation of her very first solo english album there is no slowing down an artist who loves what
they do and dreams big!

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